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What to study?

Do you need help choosing an area of study that suits your interests?

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Which degree?

Are you interested in a career but unsure which degree to do?

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Where to study?

Do you need help choosing which city or university to study at?

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Will it be flexible?

Do you want to attend full-time or part-time? Have you looked at on campus compared to online study?

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Whether to take a gap?

Are you tossing up whether to take a gap year, get a job or go straight to university or other college?

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Will there be jobs?

Do you need help finding reliable labour market information about jobs and your preferred career?

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Career help online and in Hobart

Explore what makes you who you are and what you would like to change.

Investigate jobs, careers and courses that interest you. Look at all the options and decide what is realistic.

Make informed career decisions and identify actions you want to take.

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Get help deciding what to try next

Chat to a career counsellor online

Need a change?

Get some new ideas


Create a plan

Develop strategies and make informed career decisions.

Get help creating an action plan.

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New situation?

Decide what is important



New circumstances can lead to a shift in your priorities.

Get help reassessing your situation.

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Next step?

Expect the unexpected


Take a chance

Look at what opportunities exist right now.

Get help trying new things out.

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About Degree for Me

Degree for Me is a career counselling, guidance and advice service run by Maureen Barnes-Keoghan. Sessions are tailored to suit individuals and are for anyone who needs help making career decisions.

Online sessions are offered via a combination of video chat and telephone. Face-to-face sessions are available for those who live in Hobart.

Maureen is a qualified Career Development Consultant who thoroughly enjoys the challenge of helping others decide what to try next.

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Did you know?

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Over 14% of domestic students
who commenced a bachelor degree
at Australian universities in 2021
left their studies
and did not return in 2022

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Consulting times are arranged by mutual agreement.
Online sessions are often scheduled outside of normal business hours.