Deciding which degree to study

Seven tips to consider when choosing a university course and deciding which degree to study.
Go through the tips and ask yourself each question and talk about your ideas with friends and family.
If you are still unsure, organise to chat online with a career counsellor today.

Let your interests and values guide you

  • Course content

    Do the course details interest you? How is it taught and assessed? Does it offer work placements?

  • Course and entry requirements

    Do you have the skills and abilities required? Are there alternative pathways or bridging courses?

  • Location

    What type of region and environment suits you? Are you able to move to go to university?

  • Finances

    What costs are involved? Are commonwealth supported places available?

  • Accreditation

    Is the course accredited by a professional registration body? Which states recognise the degree?

  • Research the university

    Attend the university open day. Are the staff approachable? What are the facilities like?

  • Employment outlook

    Where will the course lead to? Do your values match the potential work environments?

Websites where you can get information about Australian university courses


QILT - Quality indicators for learning and teaching


QILT enables you to do side by side comparisons of institutions and study areas.

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Browse courses

The Good Universities Guide

Browse courses

On the Good Universities Guide browse different courses on offer and find where you can study them.

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Search courses


Search courses

Sign up for free to the myfuture website and search for tertiary courses.

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