Full-time or part-time study
Online or face-to-face?

Do you need a flexible study option? Many degrees can be studied part-time and online. If you are unsure what will suit you best organise some career counselling today.

Consider your commitments

  • Time requirements

    How much time will studying require? What are you prepared to give up?

  • Financial obligations

    How much paid work will you need to do whilst studying?

  • Responsibilities and future plans

    What are you responsible for? Are you planning to mix study with travel or caring for a family?

  • Full-time or part-time

    Are you able to commit to full-time study? How long would it take part-time?

  • Fast track degrees

    Some degrees can be fast tracked by studying over trimesters instead of semesters.

  • Compressed summer and winter terms

    Some universities offer subjects intensively between semesters. Check out your options.

  • Online and distance education

    Some courses are fully online and others have compulsory face-to-face components. Online study requires a reliable internet connection.

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How you can balance university, work and life

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Online and distance education

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Online and distance education

Read about the different options and search for an online course.

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Studying postgraduate part-time

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