How career advice helps

Career development is a collaborative process and together we identify actions you can take for change to occur. Everyone is at a different point in their career development and sessions are tailored to suit individual needs. You can get career advice online and in Hobart.

Increase your self awareness

Examine what makes you who you are,
what bits you like and what you would like to change.

Look at how you react when things don't go according to plan or when you make mistakes.

Identify reactions that are helpful and those that are blocking you from trying new experiences.

Maureen can help you develop and maintain a positive self concept.

What makes you tick?


Things to explore

Skills, interests and values
Role models
Time management skills
Stress management skills
Decision making skills
Readiness for study

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Explore study and job options

Investigate study areas that interest you and compare the courses. Look at different institutions, the variety of delivery methods and the costs.

Get help to find reliable information such as employment rates, working conditions, skill shortages and job outlook.

Consider how jobs have changed and what the predictions are for the future.

What are your options?


Things to explore

Preferred careers
Education requirements
Alternative pathways
Organisations to contact
Job outlook
Case studies
Work experience

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Develop strategies to act

Make informed decisions and identify the actions you want to take.

Maureen will encourage you to develop strategies to take advantage of unplanned events that will inevitably happen.

Learn how to look at what opportunities exist right now as a result of something unexpected, rather than spending time regretting what might have been.

Want to try something new?


Things to explore

Enrol in a free MOOC
Arrange work experience
Attend open days
Attend career expos
Draw up a budget
Make a plan B

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