Jobs and the labour market

Awareness of how jobs and the world of work are changing can help you decide which degree to study. Contact Maureen today if you would like help understanding labour market information.

Will there be jobs?

The hidden job market

Get reliable labour market information

Australian jobs 2023

Australian Jobs Report 2023

Labour market data

Australian Jobs provides an overview of trends in the Australian labour market. It is for anyone interested in labour market issues.

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Occupation trends and job prospects

Labour Market Insights

Compare occupations

Labour Market Insights provides data for over 350 occupations. It includes job prospects, weekly earnings and occupation size.

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Graduate outcomes survey

QILT - Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching

Graduate recruitment

The survey is completed by graduates of Australian higher education institutions four to six months after finishing their studies.

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Where Australian graduates go

Graduate Careers Australia

Where Grads Go 2015

Information on what Australian graduates do and how much they earn shortly after graduating.

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Skills needed for future jobs

The Foundation for Young Australians

The New Work Order Series

Enterprising skills are what you need for the jobs of the future. What are they and do you have them?

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Hints, tips and pitfalls for graduates in getting their first job

The Conversation

The Conversation

Ideas on what students can do to increase their chances of getting a job on completing a degree.

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