Whether to take a gap year

Don't just do what your friends are doing, think about what suits you best. Discuss your ideas with friends and family. If you are still unsure organise some career counselling today and discuss whether a gap year is good idea for you.

What are the pros and cons for you?

Helping you decide whether to take a gap year

Should I take a gap year?

Prospects UK

Gap year information

Find answers to the following: What is a gap year? How will it benefit me? Will it affect my chances of getting a job?

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The gap year debate

Career FAQS

A student looks at both sides

Read why a student chose not to take a gap year and why her twin did. Plus Triple J Hack - When is the best time to travel.

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Study links a gap year to better university grades

The Conversation

Australian study results

"Gap year students reported higher academic motivation and engagement than students who had not taken a gap year."

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