Career counselling online

Career counselling online and face-to-face sessions in Hobart are run by Maureen Barnes-Keoghan who is a qualified career consultant.

Book an initial meeting

Get in touch with Maureen to arrange a phone appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to meet each other and to decide if career counselling sessions may benefit you.

There is no cost for the initial appointment and it will go for about 10 minutes.

After this, you can book appointments as often as you need them.

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Session details

Career counselling sessions go for up to 90 minutes.

They are available to anyone who would like help making career decisions. Career development is tailored to suit individual needs.

Online sessions are offered via a combination of video chat and telephone. Face-to-face sessions are available for those who live in Hobart.

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Fees and payment

Fees are $150 per single session. Package options of 3 sessions are also available. Please enquire about concession rates. Sessions go for up to 90 minutes and have email follow up.

Payment methods are by electronic bank transfer or cash.

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